“Julie is truly the smartest and most caring PT I have encountered as a professional athlete. She helped me evaluate weaknesses in my running style and develop exercises to strengthen these areas. I recommend Julie to all of my friends and family." 

Hillary Biscay, Ironman Wisconsin Champion

“After my first marathon in 2005, I suffered from 5 stress fractures. No matter how many therapists and remedies I tried as I trained for the next marathon, I always ended up injured again. After the last injury, my sister Hillary sent me to see Dr. Julie Guthrie.

Thanks to Dr. Guthrie, I have been stress-fracture free for a year and a half and have run 3 marathons during this time. I credit her for getting me back to healthy running again, and I am so thankful for her work!" 

— Cameron Biscay

“I cannot begin to describe how Julie Guthrie has changed my life. For 15 years I had back issues (and associated bladder/pelvic floor issues) and not one doctor, acupuncturist, masseuse or healer could solve my issues or even understand what was going on. Then I met Julie Guthrie, and she helped me understand my body completely differently. Within a few months my back pain and pelvic floor pain was reduced by 80% (and another 10% over the next year). I went from peeing 3 times an hour to once every few hours. She also worked with me through my pregnancy and helped me to strengthen my pelvic floor and soften my perineal muscles with massage and I was able to deliver my baby vaginally without tearing! Julie is simply a genius when it comes to the body. She thinks outside of the box and sees and treats each body holistically and patiently. She also has a lovely personality and I enjoy all of my sessions with her.”

— D.T.

“As a physical therapist myself, I only go to the best PTs. Julie Guthrie's understanding of the science behind movement is solid, and she herself is an athlete, weekend warrior and mother who has experienced injuries, surgeries, and setbacks. This is comforting when you're searching for a quality professional to return you to whatever sport it is that you do! Spend your time and money on Julie Guthrie, who will get it right the first time.

Tara Reinhardt PT,DPT

“When you work with Julie Guthrie, you will see that she is not only a PT, but also your friend and partner in fitness and health for life. When I injured my back so severely that I could barely walk, much less dance and run marathons, Julie Guthrie, herself an avid athlete, totally related to my need to get back to dancing and marathon running again. And that we did, as a team — She was there for me at every step of the treatment and rehabilitation process. Since then, I have taken my parents to Julie for various age-related issues such as fall prevention and general strengthening.”

Violet B. Sharghi, PhD

“Julie Guthrie is warm and engaging and she cares deeply about her patients. Her facility is top notch. I took my volleyball-playing teenage daughter for treatment there last year. When she went off to college and injured herself her first words were, “Please call Julie, she’s the only one I trust!”

— Amanda K.