A few busy months at Synergie PT!

It has been an exciting summer for the crew at SynergiePT! We now have TWO awesome additions to the team, making our services more well-rounded!

Madeline Star PT, DPT, OCS has been steadily increasing her hours in patient care here while growing our pilates services! Additionally, we got confirmation that she PASSED her orthopaedic specialty exam, which simply reinforces what we already knew - that her knowledge is beyond her years!

Next week, collaborator and mentor Julie Gillespie PT, DPT ALSO will begin offering care - she has over 30 years of pelvic health experience and is a tireless advocate for those with pelvic floor dysfunction. She was Julie Guthrie's first pelvic health mentor, and it is with great pride that we welcome her depth and breadth of knowledge.


Julie Gillespie, DPT joins SynergiePT


Listen to Julie Guthrie on the IronWomen podcast